F.A.Q. #1

Are helmets required in the costume race?

I’m having issues with my hair-do and helmet. Do people mount their hairdos on the outside of the helmet? And if so, how do you do it and make it stay and get it all to still look good. I’m having issues.

Can I forgo the helmet for the hair-do for a few slow laps? Or is that against the rules.

~ lauren

Please wear your helmet. It fosters costume creativity and brain cells.

Just be careful. One year, (long ago when CCCX was held in rotting barracks on Ft Ord and no one else dressed up for Halloween, hence one of the reasons for starting vb so that I would have people to
dress up with on Halloween) I zip tied a giant wig to the outside of my helmet, which was of course attached to my head. I went under a tree branch and miscalculated the height of the wig. The tree branch snagged on the wig and yanked me off my bike.

Oh, and wigs over helmets get very hot. Those vents are purposeful.

p.s. Soni has been working on her costume all summer. She is a costume
sandbagger. But notice the stylish use of helmets she used last year. (Photo credit to Abbiorca.com)

this year our costumes will have 2 headpieces--one to fit over a helmet and one to fit when not wearing a helmet

assuming i get them done in time

i wonder if i should just glue it onto my old helmet.

then i can re-use it after halloween and stuff whenever i'm feeling in the mood.
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