Surf City now a SERIES!


Surf City Series has returned for 2009/2010!

Please see for more information.


2008 Results are Posted

Thanks everyone for just about the most fun ever! We had an unbelievable 100 people in our costume cross this year and about 50 kids in kiddy kross. I'm still not done laughing...

A big thank you goes out to all the amazing volunteers who make this race happen:

The Women of Velo Bella
The Fellas of VOS Racing
Beth Welliver - Clinic
Clinic Instructors: Ben Jacques-Maynes, Shauna Potocky, Kathleen Bortolussi, Mark Abele, Clark Natwick, Sheila Moon, Barb Howe, Stella Carey, Steven Gile
Linda Locke/Erika Donald - Kiddie Kross
Amy Hall - Registration
Steve Litvin - Results
Natasha Perry - Sponsorships
Tim Watson - Decorations
Jeff Clark - Legacy
Our amazing sponsors (check them out over there <---- ) and everyone who pounded a stake, wrapped course tape, picked up trash, raced their hearts out and wore a silly outfit. Check out the results and all the amazing pictures!


Course Map Geek Out Time

Here's the latest rendition of what we think we're gonna do for a course this year.

This course has a little of everything. Power-y bumpy grass sections, fast concrete, technical dirt, one more up and down (than usual) at the tennis courts, and of course, some version of our infamous halloween swirly.

We may totally change our mind on Saturday though.

Wanna help build the course? Email me if interested in volunteering.

Wanna race the course? Help us out by pre-registering!


Is Your Costume Ready Yet?

Well, get on it. Only 12 more days till Costume Cross!

And prizes provided by Gizdich Ranch, New Belgian Brewing, and the costume cross cheering squad.


Clif Bar-o-rama

It wasn't until I started making prize bags last night that I realized just how much stuff Clif Bar sent us. A whole lotta stuff. Clif Bar is a company that goes above and beyond on the dogooder community stuff, and I am certain there are causes far worthier than a bunch of cx crazies in costume, so it does me right proud that they would send some Clif love our way.

Thanks to their generousity, all winners will receive CLIF SHOT® Electrolyte and CLIF SHOT® Bloks. And other lucky winners will receive a box of Clif Bars, CLIF SHOT® Energy Gels, or CLIF® BUILDER'S


Sponsors on Site!

The following sponsors will be on site at Surf City. Make some time to check them out and thank them for their support~~

Dr Goldi Jacques-Maynes of Golden Chiropractic will be in the house offering free chiropractic care and massage (and first aid, but hopefully you won't need that).

Sheila Moon - Sheila, fabulouser than ever, and her entourage of boyfriends will be in the house. Ask to see her new skinsuits.

Gizdich Ranch - Local farms, Gizdich Ranch, is back. They are offering FREE apple juice to all racers. Look for their pies as yummy prizes for our costume contest.

DeLaPaz Coffee - Take me to crema heaven! DeLaPaz will be out with their fine roasted blends including Bella Blend-- Specially roasted for the Velo Bellas. Stop by their tent for a fresh cup of coffee from their new individual drip bar.

Bicycle Trip - Long time local shop sponsor and super supporter of junior racing, Bicycle Trip is bringing their booth and all their great racers. Be sure to check out what they are doing for a Bicycle High School Program


Because She's Sheila Moon

Sheila Moon has always treated Surf City so well. And this year is no exception. I just picked up a box of goodies from her and I am going to run away with them and live in woolie fleece-y luxury.

Thanks to Sheila Moon I am pleased to announce that all category winners of our women's races will receive a fabulous Sheila Moon Wool/Fleece jacket or vest.

We also have some super fine Sheila Moon caps as prizes which is nice because it gives me the opportunity to post this cutie patootie picture of Simon the hat model.

Thank you Sheila! You are fabulous!


Black Diamond and New Belgium Brewing

This has to be my favorite part of race promotion...watching all the prize goodies roll in. Here's a peek at some of the items that have arrived from our fabulous Surf City sponsors. Race hard, win stuff.

Black Diamond:
Black Diamond sent us 6 of their awesome SPOT headlamps. Scaredy cat of the dark? Then check these out. Housed in a reflector, the one-watt LED throws a far-reaching beam. When all you need is close-range light, switch modes and use the three SuperBright LEDs which emit usable light for over 100 hours. A single switch on top lets you choose from four lighting levels for both modes—min, mid, max and strobe—to tailor the light output to your needs.

New Belgium Brewing:
Will I get in trouble if I say this is my favorite sponsor? What can we say? Not only do they love bikes, but they even have a real job position called "The Beer Diva". Yep, we love this company and we're passing some of the love on to you - but you gotta earn it! We have three kinds of beer that might just be yours to take home: Fat Tire, 2 Below, or Mothership Wit. And look in your prize bag from great logo merchandise from them as well. Urp.


F.A.Q. #1

Are helmets required in the costume race?

I’m having issues with my hair-do and helmet. Do people mount their hairdos on the outside of the helmet? And if so, how do you do it and make it stay and get it all to still look good. I’m having issues.

Can I forgo the helmet for the hair-do for a few slow laps? Or is that against the rules.

~ lauren

Please wear your helmet. It fosters costume creativity and brain cells.

Just be careful. One year, (long ago when CCCX was held in rotting barracks on Ft Ord and no one else dressed up for Halloween, hence one of the reasons for starting vb so that I would have people to
dress up with on Halloween) I zip tied a giant wig to the outside of my helmet, which was of course attached to my head. I went under a tree branch and miscalculated the height of the wig. The tree branch snagged on the wig and yanked me off my bike.

Oh, and wigs over helmets get very hot. Those vents are purposeful.

p.s. Soni has been working on her costume all summer. She is a costume
sandbagger. But notice the stylish use of helmets she used last year. (Photo credit to



Look for updates, gossip and scary stuff here soon!

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