Black Diamond and New Belgium Brewing

This has to be my favorite part of race promotion...watching all the prize goodies roll in. Here's a peek at some of the items that have arrived from our fabulous Surf City sponsors. Race hard, win stuff.

Black Diamond:
Black Diamond sent us 6 of their awesome SPOT headlamps. Scaredy cat of the dark? Then check these out. Housed in a reflector, the one-watt LED throws a far-reaching beam. When all you need is close-range light, switch modes and use the three SuperBright LEDs which emit usable light for over 100 hours. A single switch on top lets you choose from four lighting levels for both modes—min, mid, max and strobe—to tailor the light output to your needs.

New Belgium Brewing:
Will I get in trouble if I say this is my favorite sponsor? What can we say? Not only do they love bikes, but they even have a real job position called "The Beer Diva". Yep, we love this company and we're passing some of the love on to you - but you gotta earn it! We have three kinds of beer that might just be yours to take home: Fat Tire, 2 Below, or Mothership Wit. And look in your prize bag from great logo merchandise from them as well. Urp.

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